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Ordering, Cataloguing and Processing

Bibliographic Services

As part of its bibliographic services, Shortgrass orders, catalogues, and processes library materials for member libraries. Centralized ordering reduces the cost of library materials, allowing member libraries to realize a larger discount than they would ordering library materials independently. Dealing predominantly with library-specific vendors makes the ordering, receiving, invoicing, and cataloguing processes largely automated within the Shortgrass database. Automation significantly reduces the amount of staff time required to handle each item, which leads to faster turnaround time and fewer costs passed on to member libraries. 

Libraries may order material with their allotment budget, or use their own funds to order material through SLS. The Shortgrass Library System provides an annual per capita allotment to member libraries which is to be used for the purchase of library materials. The rate for the per capita allotment is reviewed and set by the Shortgrass Library System on an annual basis.

Member libraries are responsible for the selection of materials for their collections. Shortgrass headquarters staff are responsible for receiving the selections and for placing the orders.

For general information about Cataloguing, Acquisitions and Processing, please contact the Manager of Systems and Technical Services

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Shortgrass staff can catalogue many A/V format items using scanned images of the item container. This means your library does not need to ship these items to Shortgrass HQ. The following formats can be catalogued from scanned images:

      • Audiobooks
      • Blu-Ray
      • DVD
      • Music CDs
      • Videogames

Procedure for member libraries:

      • For each item you want catalogued, create a brief item record/fast add in WorkFlows with item ID number and title
      • For each item that needs to be catalogued, scan each of the following and save as an image file (in some cases, it may be possible to remove the entire cover insert from the case of the item and lay it flat on your scanner so you only need to perform a single scan). Please make sure scanned images are legible and that information on the item package is unobstructed by stickers/labels
            • Front cover
            • Back cover
            • Spine
      • Compile a list of all titles in your cataloguing request and indicate if any of these require reimbursement from your allotment
      • Send email to acquisitions@shortgrass.ca with the list of titles that you compiled and the image files for each of these titles. Shortgrass staff will follow-up with you when the items have been fully catalogued.

Download the material purchase reimbursement form here.

Learn how to order materials for your library from our major vendor partners by reading the procedures documents below:

Learn how to view your library's materials allotment fund balances in WorkFlows by reading the following procedure document: