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Multilingual Library Resources

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Shortgrass Library System provides a number of multilingual resources that are available with your library card. Click on the below tabs to learn more about accessing these resources.

A limited number of books in languages other than English are available from Shortgrass member libraries. To find these books:

  1. Visit the library catalogue.
  2. Under the search bar, click Advanced search.

  3. Scroll down to where it says Limit my search results by:, and click the dropdown menu under Language.

  4. Select your language. Note that there are not books available in every language listed.
  5. You can add in other filters in this section, such as searching for DVDs, or for Adult Fiction.

  6. Click Search.
  7. Browse the search results.
  8. If you see a title that you want to borrow, click the green Place hold button. You’ll then be required to login with your library card and PIN. Alternatively, you can ask a library worker to assist you.

With your library card, you can request to borrow books from libraries across Alberta!

Edmonton Public Library has an extensive World Languages collection, which makes it a good place to start. Follow Steps 1-3 below to view their books. If you already know what you are searching for, you can skip straight to Step 4.

  1. Visit the Edmonton Public Library “World Languages” collection.
  2. Select your language and browse to see what is available.

  3. When you find a book that you want to request, make a note of the title.
  4. Head to the Provincial Interlibrary Loan website.
  5. Search for the title you found in Step 3.
    1. OR, if you didn’t find a specific book in the Edmonton Public Library collection and just want to browse, type in the language (e.g. “Spanish”).

  6. Click the item you want to request.

  7. Select your library name, and accept the terms and conditions, then click Request.

  8. Log in using your library card and PIN.
  9. Your hold is placed and your library will contact you when the book is available.

Digital books, audiobooks, and magazines are available in multiple languages via the Libby / Overdrive app.


  1. Download the Libby app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Open the app, select your library, and log in with your library card.
  3. In the app tap the “search” button

  4. Under “explore with filters” tap the “more” button

  5. Tap Language and select the language of your choice.
  6. Tap Search to view all items in that language.
  7. When you see an item you wish to borrow, click the “borrow” button

  8. Tap the  button to read at any time.


  1. Visit the Shortgrass Overdrive website.
  2. Click the search bar.

  3. Click Advanced.

  4. Click “Languages” and select the language of your choice.

  5. Scroll down and click Search.
  6. In the search results, you can filter by availability, audience, format, etc. Just click on what you are looking for.

  7. Borrow a book by clicking the title, then clicking the Borrow button.

  8. You can read the title instantly by clicking Read now. You can also read it at any time by clicking My account and Loans, then clicking Read now in browser.

The PressReader resource gives you access to thousands of newspapers, from over 100 countries and in 60 languages.

The easiest way to search is using the app (instructions below), but you can also access the resource on a computer by visiting Shortgrass.ca/PressReader.

  1. Download the PressReader app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Open the app and select Sign in, then Libraries & Groups.