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Interlibrary Loans / Relais

Interlibrary Loans

Shortgrass member libraries participate in resource sharing with libraries both inside and outside of Alberta. Most requests are handled through the Alberta Relais Interlibrary Loan software sponsored by Public Library Services Branch, Alberta Municipal Affairs. Shortgrass staff process Interlibrary Loan requests on behalf of member libraries and ship items to/from libraries as needed.

Libraries in Alberta wishing to borrow an item from a Shortgrass member library should place a request in the Alberta Relais system.

Libraries from outside the Province of Alberta or those not connected to Alberta Relais may place interlibrary loan requests by emailing illams@shortgrass.ca

Access Alberta Relais

Alberta Relais is the provincial group catalogue for searching the holdings of participating Alberta Libraries and placing interlibrary loan requests for specific titles. You can access Alberta Relais via the following URL:


How to use Alberta Relais:

Frequently Asked Questions for Member Library Staff

  1. When you receive the item at your library, please remove the interlibrary loan bookband and put it aside for safekeeping as it needs to be returned to Shortgrass with the item when your patron is finished with it.
  2. In WorkFlows, check-in the item to remove the transit status and trap the hold for your patron.
  3. Make the on-hold item available according to the standard procedure for your library. Your patron will receive a notification that an on-hold item is available for pickup. The hold pick-up notification for interlibrary loan items is the same one that gets generated by WorkFlows for all Shortgrass items that are available for pick-up.
  4. When the patron arrives for the item, check the item out to their account in WorkFlows.
  5. When the patron returns the item, check it in using WorkFlows, re-attach the interlibrary loan bookband which arrived with the item, and send it back to Shortgrass HQ.

When the patron returns the item, check it in using WorkFlows, re-attach the interlibrary loan bookband which arrived with the item, and send it back to Shortgrass HQ.

Please contact Shortgrass interlibrary loan staff to request a renewal. Do not simply renew the item in WorkFlows, as we must obtain consent in advance from the lending library.

Please contact Shortgrass interlibrary loan staff so they can process the loan in Relais. Shortgrass staff will get in touch with the lending library to request that future items be shipped to Shortgrass HQ and not directly to your library.

Contact Shortgrass interlibrary loan staff and provide them with the details of the items that you wish to borrow and the name of the library which owns the item. Shortgrass staff will reach out to that library and broker the interlibrary loan request on your library’s behalf.

Academic library holdings are searchable and can be requested directly in Alberta Relais.

Those patrons who have a valid email address registered with their patron account in WorkFlows will receive a system-generated email notifying them that the item cannot be supplied by the lending library. Items which cannot be supplied will also appear with a status of "Unfilled" when a patron views the "My Account" screen in Alberta Relais.

This error message usually occurs when you have saved the Alberta Relais page as a bookmark in your web browser and are trying to access the page via your saved bookmark. Because of how the Alberta Relais website is designed, saving the website as a bookmark in your web browser will fail to capture the correct URL for the Alberta Relais site. In order to bookmark the Alberta Relais site, you must manually edit the saved bookmark in your web browser so that the URL is exactly as follows: https://alberta.relaisd2d.com/?LS=AMS

Yes, there is a limit of 10 active requests per patron.

No, the active request is only removed when the returned item arrives back at the lending library/library system and staff there switch the ILL status to 'complete' in Relais.