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Disc Repair

Shortgrass offers a disk repair service to its member libraries. This service repairs most scratches on 12 cm disks including Music CDs, Books on CD, DVDs and CD-ROMs, Video game disks and Blu-Ray disks. Please fill out the Disk Repair Form for each disk you send in to be "cleaned".

Shortgrass offers disk cleaning services to the public, at a cost of $1/disk for library card holders and $2/disk for those who do not have a library card. The cost for two-sided disks is $2/disk for library card holders and $4/disk for non-card holders.  The members of the public who would like their DVDs/CDs cleaned by Shortgrass, should arrange it through their local libraries. We do not accept any disks directly from the public.

For more information about the disk repair service please contact the Manager of Systems and Technical Services.

Download the disc repair request form here.

If the disk is cracked, warped or contains original manufacturer’s defects, the disk cannot be repaired. Disks can only be repaired 10-12 times.

Note: Shortgrass Library System is not responsible for any damage to disks that could occur during the disk repair process.

Shortgrass staff will not have time to check each individual disk to determine if it is working properly. We will inspect the disk visually to ensure scratches are removed and will inform the disk owner if we were unable to remove all the visible scratches. We suggest libraries play the disk upon its return before loaning it out again.

There is currently no cost for disk repair services for items from member library collections. Shortgrass will review the use of the service annually and will determine if any fees need to be applied.

Please send the disks with your regular delivery by putting them into inter-office mail envelopes and clearly indicating that they need to be repaired.

The turnaround time varies between 1-4 weeks depending upon the number of disks needing to be repaired at any one time. If you have a large number of disks to send in at one time, please contact the Manager of Systems Technical Services to determine the best time for sending in these items.

Yes, you can offer this service to your patrons and community members. The charge for patrons is $1 per disk, for a non-patron the charge is $2 per disk. Shortgrass will need this money to offset the costs of the equipment maintenance (buying the additional supplies of cleaning fluid, cleaning pads, etc.)  When sending personal disks to us, please fill in the Shortgrass DVD cleaning receipt form, give the cut-away part of the form to the patron and send the upper part of the form with the DVDs or CDs to Shortgrass.