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Library Managers' Handbook


This handbook is intended for use by managers and staff working in Shortgrass Library System (SLS) member libraries. It is meant to provide an overview of services and resources provided to member libraries by Shortgrass, as well as a guide to common duties and procedures that library managers are expected to perform. We encourage all library managers to make use of this handbook -- the information contained here is valuable to everyone. It is also intended as a living document, and suggestions for changes and additions will always be welcomed.

Each section of the handbook discusses a different topic or procedure. All sections have been uploaded as individual PDFs, so users are able to review, download, and print materials with ease. Click on each section below to view.

  1. Library Manager's Getting Started Checklist
  2. Core Competencies: what you need to know to run a library (coming soon)
  3. Services offered by Shortgrass Library System (coming soon)
  4. Plans of Service (coming soon)
  5. Public Library Survey and Annual Report (coming soon)
  6. Libraries Act, Libraries Regulations, and Best Practices (coming soon)

  1. Collection Development 101 (coming soon)
  2. Library Materials Levy Allotment (coming soon)
  3. Ordering from ULS (coming soon)
  4. Weeding
  5. Weeding Cheat Sheet
  6. CREW: A Weeding Manual for Modern Libraries

  1. Programming 101 (coming soon)
  2. How Shortgrass Programming Kits Work
  3. Children's Programming Guide (coming soon)
  4. YA Programming Guide (coming soon)
  5. Adult Programming Guide
  6. Passive Programs (coming soon)