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Library Advocacy Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to support the various advocacy efforts of member library staff and boards. Whether you are seeking information on grant writing or determining how to start a letter-writing campaign, we hope the information here will be useful to you.

Content will be added on a regular basis. If you have suggestions for new additions -- or have content of your own to contribute, like sample grant applications, letters you’ve written, or successful social media posts -- please contact the Client Services Librarian.

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  • Advocacy 101 (coming soon)

What is advocacy? Why is it so important for your library?

Contains contact information for relevant elected officials, including our MP, MLAs, and the Minister of Municipal Affairs.

A guide to writing advocacy letters and emails to elected officials. Includes a template for letter structure.

An elevator pitch is a brief, previously prepared speech that clearly, succinctly, and memorably explains what your organization does, what its goals are, and how it provides service and value to others. This document explains the importance of this speech and how to create your own.

If you are trying to determine the scope of an issue and how to effectively engage with it, this worksheet can be a useful tool for organizing your thoughts and plans.

This collaborative guide by Alberta’s two major library associations provides functional advice and insight into how library staff and boards can better advocate for libraries, especially in the political spectrum. The guide is specifically tailored to Alberta libraries and political processes. It details the steps advocates should follow when attempting to influence the political process, from defining an objective to deciding how to reach a target audience. Also includes a template for a sample lobbying plan and a guide to political letter-writing.

This extensive advocacy guide by the Ontario Library Association, although Ontario-focused, is an excellent guide to advocacy activities in modern Canadian public libraries. Contains suggestions and best practises for a variety of advocacy activities, from developing an elevator pitch to how to approach and pitch stories to local media. Also provides a variety of templates and worksheets for letter-writing.

Shared with permission from Catharine Richardson (Redcliff Library Board), this document contains the details of fundraising events that have been held by libraries all over Alberta. If your library is looking for fresh ideas for your next fundraising event, this is a great place to start.

Has your library run a successful fundraiser? Shortgrass wants to hear about it! Fill out the brief form at the link with all the relevant details -- including cost, necessary supplies, and volunteer efforts -- and we will make the information available here, as inspiration and guidelines for other member libraries.

This Google Shared Drive contains hundreds of print & digital promotional resources. Materials include: eResource posters and social media promos; printable shelf talkers; customizable program posters; promotional materials for programming kits; "place a hold" printable templates; Getting Started brochures; and more. If you do not yet have access to the drive please contact the Client Services Librarian.

All Shortgrass member library staff are aIf you would like to promote your library’s eResources on social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, these Shortgrass ads are a great starting point.

If you would like to promote your library’s eResources on social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, these Shortgrass ads are a great starting point.

High quality versions of member library logos for use in your promotional materials or letterhead.