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Publisher Permissions

Are you hosting virtual storytimes? Not sure where to start with the myriad of restrictions put in place by different publishers? This guide is for you!

The document on this page provides an overview of every children's book publisher in the industry. It includes any requirements these publishers have put in place, such as:

  • Stating the publisher's name prior to reading the book (and of course, stating the author's and illustrator's names is best practice anyway!);
  • Posting your video to YouTube, and making it an "Unlisted" video, then sharing the link on your social media channels;
  • Removing the videos from the internet by a certain date

Canadian copyright laws protect the right of the publisher to reproduce their books. It is important to respect the copyright and to follow guidelines set in place by the publisher. Remember, they could charge us a fee to use their books, but instead they only ask us to follow these guidelines!

Please note that these guidelines generally only apply to content that is recorded and posted online. Different rules may apply to livestreams that are not recorded.

Note: this guide will be updated on a regular basis.

If you have any questions, or need info on a publisher that is not listed in this guide, please contact the Client Services Librarian.