Welcome to Shortgrass Library System

IT Infrastructure & Support

Technology Services

The Shortgrass Library System will ensure that each member library receives full maintenance support for the computer, network, and telecommunications equipment used for public access of the SLS Catalogue and for library staff use of Symphony Workflows and Email. The computer equipment used by the system's resource library (Medicine Hat Public Library) for sending interlibrary loan requests will also be maintained by SLS.

Hardware & Software Purchases

Shortgrass will provide specifications to libraries when they are planning purchases of computers, printers, barcode scanners, and network devices.

Upon request, Shortgrass will select and order appropriate hardware, software, or equipment on behalf of member libraries. Shortgrass may purchase additional hardware or software for member libraries if funds become available for special purchases.

Hardware Support

Shortgrass will provide telephone, email, chat, or on-site support (if necessary) for the setup, configuration, and installation of computer hardware, peripherals, and printers.

Software Support

Symphony software maintenance is provided by Shortgrass Library System. SLS contracts with SirsiDynix for Symphony software support to member libraries. Shortgrass will provide support for circulation and public access software provided by SLS. Shortgrass staff will assist Medicine Hat Public Library ILL staff using the ILL computer and software.

Network Support

Support for computers obtained by direct library purchases is limited to solving software and hardware problems to maintain existing network connectivity. Shortgrass will maintain and assign library network IP addresses accordingly.

Alberta SuperNet connection charges are currently covered by APLEN; this is subject to change. SuperNet maintenance is performed by AXIA and is subject to additional cost to be covered by the library.

Internet Connectivity

Shortgrass will assist with the technology setup involved with firewall and router/switch setup as well as the configuration of computer operating systems.

Internet connectivity charges may be shared; monthly costs are currently covered by SLS (internet access models will change over time and support changes may also occur depending on costs).

Shortgrass will maintain and ensure that external internet IP addresses are registered with external database suppliers for additional SLS services (TALOnline, electronic subscriptions).

Shortgrass will work with the libraries to ensure that internet bandwidth and connectivity are in place for the library and are sufficient to meet the library's requirements (depending on funds available).

Wireless Internet Access (WiFi)

Shortgrass provides a wireless tunneling and authentication network for use by member libraries and their patrons. Member libraries are responsible for the cost of wireless access points. Wireless access points are required in order to provide wireless internet access. Shortgrass provides maintenance and support for wireless access points and connectivity to them.