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Quarantine Procedure for Member Libraries

Red bags & bins which are clearly marked with a "Last Sealed" date are now eligible for a reduced or eliminated quarantine period when they arrive at Shortgrass Headquarters:

  • When a red plastic bin or red canvas bag has been filled, clearly label the bin/bag with the last day that it was opened.
  • If you need to re-open a sealed bin/bag for any reason, please update the date accordingly.
  • When a bag/bin arrives at Shortgrass HQ and is dated at least 24 hours in the past, the items inside will be sorted and shipped immediately without undergoing an additional quarantine period.
  • Any bags/bins not clearly labelled with a date will complete a 24 hour quarantine period at Shortgrass HQ.
  • Any bags/bins labelled with a date less than 24 hours in the past will complete their remaining quarantine period at Shortgrass HQ.
  • You may place multiple sealed & dated red bags inside a single red bin.  If you are doing this, please make sure to label each individual bag with "Last Sealed" date AND indicate on the outside of the bin that the bin contains only individually dated bags.  Do not place loose, unbagged items inside the bin.  
  • Please do not misrepresent the date marked on the bin/bag as this will put Shortgrass staff members at risk for COVID-19.

Example photos (Click to enlarge)

2797/Inkedquarantine_dated_bag_LI.jpg 2797/Inkedquarantine_dated_box_LI.jpg 2797/Inkedquarantine_box_with_bags_LI.jpg